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Country attractiveness (list of indicators)


All hereunder listed attractiveness indicators can be consulted on the following link:

Country attractiveness indicators 


1- Attractiveness indicator of the Observatoire Europe-Afrique 2020

1a: Global indicator

1b: Sub-indicators


2- Attractiveness indicators published by other sources of information

2a: Global competitiveness index (World Economic Forum)

2b: Global Entrepreneurship Index (Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute)

2c: Africa Attractiveness Index (Ernst & Young)

2d: Ease of Doing Business Index (World Economic Forum)

2e: Human Development Indicator (UNDP)

2g: Prosperity Index (Legatum Institute)

2h: Global Services Location Index (AT.Kearney)

2i: FDI attractiveness by country (AT.Kearney)

2j: Africa Investment Index (Quantum Global)

2k: Where to invest in Africa? (Rand Merchant Bank – South Africa)


3- Comparison of attractiveness indicators