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Political and Institutional Environment


All hereunder listed indicators can be consulted on the following link:

Political and Institutional Environment


1- Political Environment

1.1: Global indicator (Observatoire Europe-Afrique 2020)

1.2: Sub-indicators (Observatoire Europe-Afrique 2020)

1.3: Democracy level

1.4: Conflicts in Africa

1.5: Political and Security level (ControlRisks)


2- Institutional Environment

2.1: Global indicator (Observatoire Europe-Afrique 2020)

2.2: Weight of regulations, Policy transparency, Corruption level

2.3: Weight of Public Regulations

2.4: Transparency of Public Policies

2.5: Perception of corruption

2.6: Fiscal Pressure

2.7: Supervision Norms in the financial sector

2.8: Mo-Ibrahim index of African Governance