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Promote competitive and sustainable manufacturing sectors in Africa

An opportunity to optimize your value chains
An alternative to subcontracting in Asia and Eastern Europe
Which countries are the most attractive?
Which benefits, which risks?


The Observatory is a think-tank open to all those who are interested in this issue.



  • Africa’s economic development is vital  for Europe
  • Competitive and sustainable manufacturing activities are key for the african economic development
  • In subsaharan Africa, most manufacturing sectors are under international standards (car manufacturing, metal treatment, transport equipment, chemicals, textiles…)
  • European enterprises can be involved by developing the “co-production” process
  • For the European enterprises, it is an alternative to production in Asian and Central European “low cost” countries.


Site content

  • 60 indicators comparing the evolution of the 15 African countries and 5 “comparator” countries (China, India, Poland, Serbia, Vietnam) covered by the Observatory, around the following themes.

Overall attractiveness 

Political and institutional environment 

Economic environment 

Industrial structure 

Human capital 

Transport and logistics 


  • A section entitled “Industrial network” describing recent manufacturing investments in the 15 African countries covered by the Observatory, broken down into 13 activity sectors.


Socio-economic issues of manufacturing development 

Special economic zones 

Logistics chains 

“Green” manufacturing sectors

Compliance with the “Sustainable Development Goals” 

China / Africa 


The Observatory produces case studies which can be consulted at the following link:

Chronological list of case studies carried out by the Observatory


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