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Promoting green manufacturing “Made in Africa”


Mastering the design and manufacture of “green” capital goods (mini-grids, wind farms, heat pumps, biogas plants, waste recycling units, water treatment plants, electric vehicles, trains, streetcars) is a major challenge for African countries.


What economic model should be favored so that African countries manufacture these capital goods themselves instead of importing them on a turnkey basis?

What are the stakes for European and African companies?


The Observatory is a space open to all those interested in this issue


The Context

The “sustainable” industrialization of Africa implies to focus on the development of “green” manufacturing sectors: hybrid solar mini-grids, solar kits, wind farms, heat pumps, electric vehicles, tramways, biogas plants, waste sorting and recycling units….

Throughout Africa, a great deal of this type of equipment is being installed….. but almost all of it is imported from China, Europe, North America or Japan.

Hundreds of billions of euros will have to be invested in Africa over the next 20 years.

Mastering the design and manufacture of green industries is therefore a major challenge for African countries.

The objective is therefore to design and manufacture “green” capital goods in African countries, rather than importing them on a turnkey basis.

In concrete terms, this means designing and building solar panel manufacturing plants, waste sorting plants, railroad equipment manufacturing units, railroad rolling stock, etc. on African soil…..

Strategic partnerships based on co-design and co-production between African and European industrialists would ensure the progressive transfer of know-how, maximize local added value, and would be a guarantee of competitiveness.


The objectives

The Observatory has three main objectives:

  • Monitor the progress of these “green” manufacturing sectors in Africa
  • Characterize their development levers (economic models, skills required …)
  • Promote the “Leading” companies having developed green manufacturing activities in Africa.