Senegal / Solar kits

The French company Lagazel has set up a new workshop to manufacture solar kits in Senegal. Location: Thiès. Capacity: 5,000 products/month. Staff: 7 technicians and 2 supervisors. Products manufactured: solar lamps for lighting and recharging cell phones, solar kits for electrifying a household or small business, solar terminals for outdoor lighting and collective charging solutions for community projects. In addition, there is the recently developed Boumba USB station, which allows 16 phones or tablets to be charged simultaneously using solar photovoltaic energy. Senegal could become a production hub to supply neighboring countries like Mauritania, Gambia and Guinea-Bissau.  Since its arrival on the West African market, Lagazel has already distributed 100,000 solar kits in some fifteen African countries. The collective stations manufactured in Senegal are installed in schools, through the intermediary of field actors, notably NGOs. Since 2020, as part of its electrification policy, the Senegalese government has exempted solar energy production equipment and other clean cooking kits from VAT (Afrik 21 – 25/11/2022).